Farewell Penfold

13 December 2016

Tonight we had a leaving party with Beavers both current and past to say a fond farewell to Penfold (Sally) who has done a fantastic job heading up the Beaver colony over the past few years.  With no children still in the Group she has decided to take a break from it.  The Group would like to extend their thanks to Sally for all the hard work she has put in since setting up the colony.

Also this evening we welcomed Kermit (Gary) as the new Section leader.  Gary has stepped up to enable the section to be able to continue, and we are sure the future is bright for Warfield Beavers under this new leadership.

The change does leave us a bit light on leaders though, and if you would like to help with our delightful Beavers we would love to hear from you.  Please use the form on the contact link above.